District 2 Apartment for rent in Thao Dien An Phu

District 2 - Thao Dien An Phu Apartment for rent HCMC


We apologize for saying “Apartment for rent in District 2” because when we say so we have to get information of most apartments in District 2. But actually, District 2 is too large, it borders with Thu Duc district and District 9. Therefore, we only search for serviced apartments in two areas: Thao Dien and An Phu. We believe that these two areas are worth living because of their environment and their safety.
Thao Dien is home to many villas, luxury apartments, international schools. Some people say Thao Dien is a “new district 1” of Saigon, It is also an ideal place for successful businesspeople, young intellectuals and foreigners to live and work in Vietnam. There are many beautiful apartments for rent that you can easily find in the routes as Quoc Huong, Tong Huu Dinh, Nguyen Van Huong … but still have a lot of them in the alley.
An Phu: The area of An Phu is three times higher than Thao Dien, where the headquarters of District 2 located. We just found a few Apartment for rent in this An phu, but we keep finding.
In Summary, Thao Dien and An phu are very beautiful area, good location with only 5 minutes to get in Binh Thanh district and just about 10 minutes to go to the center on district 1